momoCHA Tea House

An Authentic Bubble Tea House, now opened on South Miami Beach, located on 413, Espanola Way, Miami Beach, Florida, 33139. We are the first and only Bubble Tea House in Miami Beach, Florida.
We carefully selected different kinds of red tea leaves,specially blended and freshly brewed daily to ensure the freshness and enhanced the authentic flavor of Bubble Milk tea, the same way and the traditional way you will have it in Taiwan. We also choose the finest imported ingredients in all our fruit juice ice tea and other drinks.
We also carry different kind of tea leaves: Green Tea, Red Tea, Oolong Tea, Flower Tea, and healthy Herbal Mix tea, and tea wave : Tea Pot, tea cups, etc.
We also carry different kind of tea snacks and tea cookies, they all carefully selected and perfectly matched with Bubble Tea, or afternoon Tea.